Catleys can supply all of your Coal & Logs. Select from the products below to see more details.

Delivery 10 bags minimum £4.00

House Coal

Catleys House Coal

Wildfire – Alternative to Coal

Catleys Wildfire - Alternative to Coal

Multiheat Smokeless Fuel

Catleys Multiheat Smokeless Fuel

Taybrite Smokeless Fuel

Catleys Taybrite Smokeless Fuel

Homefire Smokeless Fuel

Catleys Homefire Smokeless Fuel

Anthracite Stovenuts

Catleys Anthracite Stove Nuts

Logs, Kindling, Firewood, Firelighters & Paraffin

Catleys Logs, Firewood, Kindling, Firelighters and Paraffin