Open Fire & wood Burner, accessories & Maintenance

Flue & Chimney Cleaner

Chiney Cleaner 1

.Reduces corrosion, Improves combustion .Breaks down Tar & Creosote build up . Sweeping more effective .Easy burn pack .Postage is available on this item

 £2.52 Inc Vat

 Zip Soot Reducer

Soot Reducer 1

.10x sachets to a box

.Clean & safe

.Helps Prevent Chimney fires

.Postage Available on 3 or more packs

 £3.50 Inc Vat a pack

 Homefire Twizzlers

Twizzlers 1

.100% Natural Fire Lighters

.Burns Smokeless & Odourless

.Easy to light

.Posatge available on 3 or more packs

 £2.99 Inc Vat

Fire Lighters

Fire Lighters 1

.Flame fast Fire Lighters

.24x Fire lighters in a pack

 £1.20 Inc Vat a pack



4 Litre pack of Paraffin

Clean burning premium grade Paraffin

Ideal for paraffin Lamps & Heaters

£9.80 Inc Vat

6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm  Stove Rope

Stove Rope 6mm 1

.2.5m length of Stove Rope

.Adhesive included

.Postage available

 6mm£8.52 Inc Vat

 8mm £9.00 Inc Vat

 10mm £9.69 Inc Vat

 12mm £10.65 Inc Vat

 Ceramic Stove Bricks

stove brick 1

8″ Back Brick £6.60 Inc Vat

9″ Back Brick £7.05 Inc Vat

10″ Back Brick £7.50 Inc Vat

Universal Side Bricks £10.85 Inc Vat

Hearth Home Dustpan & Brush Set

Dust Pan Set 2

Hearth & Home Fire side dustpan & brush to compliment the look of your fire place or wood burning stove with a traditional black finish. .Fire side Dustpan & Brush 15″

.Durable Cast Iron .Colour Black

.Available For Delivery

£14.99  inc vat

Hearth & Home 22″ Companion set

Companion set 1

.5 Piece Set

.Durable Cat Iron Construction

.Incudes Stand, Tongs, Brush, Shovel & Poker

.Available For Delivery

 £29.99 Inc Vat

 Hearth & Home Fire Side Shovel

Coal Shovel 1

9″ Metal shovel With Wooden Handle

 £4.99 Inc Vat

 Hearth & Home Black Coal Hod

Coal Skuttle 1

.Durable Steel Construction

.Shaped Angle allows for easy scooping

.Doubled Handled Designed For Carrying Heavy Loads & Pouring into your fire

.Available For Delivery

 £19.99 Inc Vat

 Black Waterloo Bucket

Coal Bucket1

. Durable Steel Construction

.Angled For Easy Scooping

.Double Handle Design For Carrying Heavy Loads & Pouring Onto Your Fire

.Delivery Available On This Item

£22.99 Inc Vat

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