Gas Regulators

We at Catleys stock a large range of Gas  Regulators for butane cylinders or propane cylinders, for

all different appliances from your standard BBQ to L.P.G domestic heating .


21mm Butane Gas Regulator

21mm Low pressure Butane regulator, will fit 15kg & 7kg Calor Gas. Regulator suitable for indoor cabinet heaters, camping stoves, BBQ’S & patio heaters.


Butane Screw on Gas Regulator

Butane low pressure screw on regulator, fits 4.5kg Calor Gas. Regulator suitable for small camping stoves on 8mm Hose.


Propane 27mm Clip On Gas Regulator Propane 27mm low pressure clip on Regulator, Fits 5kg & 13kg Calor patio gas also fits the Flo Gas Leisure Range, used on all new outdoor garden Appliances


Low Pressure Screw In Propane Gas Regulator 

Low pressure screw in Propane regulator, Fits all UK Propane cylinders, used on camping stoves, Boiling rings, workshop heaters & caravans.


Low Pressure Hand Wheel Screw In Propane Gas Regulator

Low pressure screw in Propane regulator, NO SPANNER REQUIRED, Fits all UK Propane cylinders, used on camping stoves, Boiling rings, workshop heaters & caravans.



Clesse CSR 485 Propane Cylinder Regulator including Consumer Safety Reset (CSR) Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO*) system.New LPG safety system developed by Clesse enables the consumer to reset the regulator should the gas pressure exceed recommended limits, protecting appliances and property. Clear visible indication and resetting is performed by a “Push to reset” system, similar to electrical consumer RCD protection.

*OPSO is a recommendation under the new 2013 edition HSE L56 Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, and a requirement of BS 6891 Annex E covering LP Gas fixed pipework installations in the UK.


Twin Pack Auto Changeover Valve

Automatic changeover regulators ensure first stage pressure reduction and a continuous gas supply to the installation. The changeover automatically switches to the reserve cylinder when the pressure falls in the supply cylinder. The indicator arrow turns red when the system has changed over and points to the empty cylinder. The indicator turns Clear when turned towards the new service cylinder.

UK Gas Safety Regulations state that in any domestic installations of over two cylinders an OPSO device is required.


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