Autogas Refuelling Station

Catleys Autogas Refuelling Station

Catleys is a registered Autogas refuelling station providing Autogas for all registered vehicles. Autogas Limited is the leading supplier of automotive LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or Autogas to UK forecourts, supplying service stations throughout the country. Around 140,000 UK motorists are currently enjoying the environmental benefits and cost savings associated with running a vehicle on LPG.

A growing number of people are reaping the benefits of using Calor Autogas in their cars as a cheaper alternative to petrol or diesel. With over 160,000 vehicles in the UK already running on LPG, Autogas costs around half the price (yes, half!) of petrol or diesel, whilst also offering better mileage, meaning you could make significant savings on fuel costs. You could also benefit from cheaper road tax, parking, and even a 100% discount on the London Congestion Charge, potentially putting some welcome cash back in your pocket.

Benefits of Calor Autogas

If you’re not already driving an Autogas-fuelled vehicle you could be missing out on a number of financial and environmental benefits. Autogas (automotive LPG) is the most accessible alternative fuel to petrol and diesel available in the UK. Nearly all road vehicles can convert to LPG, so the following benefits could easily be yours.

  • Nationwide availability with over 1,400 refuelling sites.
  • Lower emissions.
  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • No congestion charge.
  • Reduction in company car tax.
  • Reduction in road tax.
  • Reduced parking rates.
  • Lower costs, lower emissions.

By switching to Autogas you can make a reduced impact on the environment and a big difference to your fuel costs. Autogas is around half the price of petrol or diesel, resulting in annual savings of around 40%. Drivers of dual-fuel cars can also benefit from cheaper car tax, lower fuel duty, reduced car parking in some areas and exemption from the London congestion charge.

LPG cars and vans emit far fewer harmful emissions than vehicles using more traditional fuels – making it the cleaner, greener option. Not only that, but most are bi-fuel so you can still drive on petrol or diesel with the simple flick of a switch whenever you want.

(From the Calor Gas website

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